I’m Thinking of Cheating on Facebook

February 10, 2011

I am, and I feel horrible. What kind of person does that make me? We’ve been together for a good five years now and suddenly out of nowhere I’m bored? And for no good reason, Facebook has been so good to me. He’s always there with good news first thing in the morning, and something sweet and nostalgic to say good-night with. He has kept me company on lonely nights, kept me connected to friends and family overseas, he has even gone out of his way to find long lost friends and reconnect us. And he makes me look good, too – reminding me of people’s birthdays and keeping me updated on current events.

And he respects my independence, gives me space. In fact all he requires is a check in, a fix whenever I need it. I can tell him when I want him to call or write me, I can even tell him how much or how little about our relationship he can share. And he is so organized! My photo albums and musings were one hot mess till he showed me an easy way to keep them under control. And he’s fun too, with all these games and so in the know with social events and art openings. But here’s the thing, I met a new guy at my sister’s house over the holidays and made friends with him. He and I have been in touch, and now he wants me to go out with him. At first I didn’t take him seriously, but the more I find out about him the more I want to know. He’s a straight up man of a few words, 140 to be exact. I like the way he challenges me to think about the efficiency of language, and that sound he makes when he has something to say – so sexy!

I think Facebook is starting to notice. He hasn’t said anything yet, but how could he not? We used to talk all the time, but lately I’ve only been check in when twitter’s quiet. Should I talk to Facebook? If do talk to him, what do I say?

Maybe I can date them both…why, oh why can’t we all just get along?


About the Author
Tish Vallés was born in New York and raised in Manila (during the years of the Philippines’ martial law) by her Spanish father and Filipino mother.

For almost twenty years, Tish has worked with brands and their power.  She was Planning Director at Ogilvy Manila at the height of that company’s creative and commercial growth.  She spent six years as Regional Planning Director at Ogilvy Asia Pacific, where she was responsible for the strategic direction and stewardship of leading brands across the region’s twelve markets. Global brands on which Tish has worked include: Dove, Pond’s, Pampers, Hyatt, Pfizer, Kraft, Pepsi, Johnson & Johnson, Kotex, Listerine, Tylenol and Huggies.

Having lived in Manila, Bacolod, Singapore, Bangkok and New Mexico, Tish is now based in New York, where she is an independent strategic consultant. Her roster of global clients includes: Big Green Door, a London-based Marketing Innovation Consultancy; Strawberry Frog New York, a boutique agency that builds brands by sparking cultural movements; Ogilvy Healthworld and t-3: The Think Tank. Tish also heads Strategic Stiletto, an independent brand advocacy consultancy firm.

Also a social entrepreneur whose focus is on harnessing the power of digital technology for the empowerment of those who need it most, Tish is Co-Founder of the Women’s Worldwide Web and a board member of the Nepalese Youth Foundation. You can follow her on Twitter and on her two blogs: Strategic Stiletto and An Accidental American.

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