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February 24, 2011

The post in Preview mode

On the go a lot, I am always looking for ways to lighten my load and accomplish more. That’s why I was happy to find the two cool apps that allow me to blog on my iPad.

WordPress for iOS
Although not as robust of course as the regular application, it does offer quite a lot. You can import media, photos or video, as well as view and delete comments and pages. It allows you to add more than one blog too, which makes it easy to go back and forth without logging in and out. You compose the post in the “write” mode, then click on “preview” to view it, much as you do in the regular WordPress.  There is no visual mode, so once the post is written, you have to edit without seeing the photos, only the html coding of them. (see below.)

The post after it is published. Photos only visible in html mode.

This is one of the coolest iOS photo apps I have seen–and it’s free. Before I found it I had downloaded Adobe Photoshop Express. It allows you to adjust exposure and contrast, and has some cool borders and effects, but I rarely use those. What I really needed was the ability to scale my photos to exactly the right pixel width for my blogs. Photoshop Express offers cropping, flipping, straightening, and rotating, but not scaling. Here’s where Photopad really works for me!

In the top navigation you select your photos from the photo library on your iPad. Cropping and rotation, paint brushes, paint bucket, color adjustments and special filters are located in the tools menu accessible at the top of the screen. There is also a history, so you can retrace your steps and go back to something earlier if you change your mind.

Cropping is easily managed by manually dragging the edges of the bounding box with your fingers. When you like what you have created, just tap the check mark in the upper right of your screen. Done. If you don’t like it, no problem. Just tap the “x” on the top left and it will bring you back to the original.

The brush tool lets you draw on the image. Great for adding notations, such as the arrow I placed on the above image.

Want to  create artwork from your photos? There are some cool things you can achieve with the filters. The example above was created using the “abstract” filter.

This image was posterized. Kind of cool, eh?

But my favorite feature is the scaling mode. It allows you–albeit a bit slowly–to adjust up or down the actual pixel height and width of the image (in green.) Photopad does not constrain the ratio, so I took note of the percentage (x1.00) on one, then matched the other to that. It worked perfectly.

Once I saved my images, they were in my photo library and I could upload them into the WordPress app to post from there.

Now go blog from anywhere!

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