The more you exercise your imagination, the more it will surprise you with answers, solutions, and strategies. The workshop begins with “imaginative chaos” and moves toward creative form. We’ll hot-wire your imagination, open up surprising possibilities, uncover high-fidelity ideas, inspire you, support you, and help you discover the full power of your creative voice so that you can leave knowing how to develop compelling content–written and visual.

In this intensive full-day workshop we will:

• Learn to identify and understand your target audience in order to develop compelling and strategically targeted content that is aligned with your business and marketing objectives.

• Use creative exercises and writing prompts to explore the many ways you can generate ideas for blog posts and other social media content.

• Demonstrate how to tap into specific concepts and turn them into compelling content—both written and visual (Photos, video, and podcasts are also “content.”)

• Share and practice ways to bring new energy to your writing and also make it “searchable” using well-chosen keywords, tags, and other tools.

• Learn how to promote your blog to attract readers and develop a loyal following.

Network and spark off with other participants in the same way you would in the blogosphere.

• Leave the workshop with a functioning WordPress blog and at least one blog post!


  • Testimonial

    "Absolutely enjoyed both Robin and Navé. great energy and really enjoyed the process. I would like to look into other workshops with each."

  • Testimonial

    "Great presenters. A wealth of information, expertise. Both been there, done that."

  • Testimonial

    "Both Navé and Robin are knowledgeable, articulate, and work well together– almost to extent of completing each other’s sentences!"